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infinitysubs's Journal

A Kanjani8 Fansubbing Team

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Kanjani8 subbing community
When it is dark enough, you can see the stars

INFINITY SUBS is a Kanjani8 fansubbing team. From eighter, for eighter.


- Don't take credit of our works

- DO NOT reupload the files or the links anywhere else

- Do NOT reupload the clips on Twitter or other SNS. Screencaps are okay!

- No harsh words here. No shit-talking about current and ex-members!

- Comments are really appreciated and we'll be thankful if you can share what you think of the episode, what you found funny or how much you love your fave!

How to join?

☆ Comment on our mod-post, tell us about yourself (how did you became an Eighter, your name, where you're form, etc etc)

☆ We will NOT accept empty Livejournal :) Your LJ should have at least an introduction post. Yeah we know nobody here really use LJ anymore. But at least an introduction and an icon won't be too much of a hassle, yeah?

☆ We only accept LJ accounts. So please, no "I don't know how to create LJ, I only have twitter". Google, ask your friends, you'll find a way for sure.

☆ We want to accept as many Eighter as we can since we know there's not many people/comms are subbing Eito now, but we'd like to ask you to put a little effort too ;) Sounds good?

☆ Don't forget to click join!

The team:

Translator uruwashiiarashi dalampasigan

Timers/QC deovolente8 shofia15 biboks_4

Raw by hitorik
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